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Phalcon is a PHP Framework with C Extensions

Phalcon PHP is a high-performance PHP framework that’s both open source and highly-customizable. It runs on PHP with the ability to also tie into C extensions.

If you’re a PHP developer this may already sound confusing. But in truth Phalcon is meant to be quick and simple – the framework can tie into classes & functions found in the C extensions, but they’ll run in PHP code.

Take a look at the install page to get an idea of the setup process.

There’s also a very in-depth documentation area that explains all the primary features and methods you’ll get right out of the box.

Folks who are just getting started will likely have reservations. It may even take some courage just to install & try to use Phalcon. But thankfully there’s an incredible discussion forum along with many Stack Overflow questions to get you on the right track.

You can also try tweeting the official Twitter account @phalconphp with any questions you may have.

Since Phalcon is open source you’ll find everything you need right on GitHub. The repo has a download link for the latest version of Phalcon + basic install instructions.

If you want to see the app in action then take a look at this tutorial video for creating a new Phalcon webapp.

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