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A Free PHP Laravel-Based CMS Platform

Over the past few years Laravel has become one of the most beloved PHP frameworks of the entire industry. It offers a solution for every situation with plenty of room for extending your own libraries.

Most CMS engines are built on top of their own libraries but a newcomer named October CMS does just the opposite.

October is a platform meant to get “back to the basics”. It’s completely open source built on top of Laravel with support for themes, extensions, and all the regular stuff you’d expect from a quality CMS engine.

The core is still very small with an overall install base of ~60,000 websites. October’s open source platform currently offers 160+ plugins with 30+ unique themes and a growing audience of supporters every month.

October CMS open source

To get started check out the online documentation to learn more about the admin panel + theme setup. You can also download the full October source directly from the GitHub repo.

If you’re unfamiliar with Laravel then October may offer a slight learning curve. But if you’re willing to stick with it you might find October more user-friendly compared to WordPress or Drupal.

October’s dashboard is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the CMS. It’s meant to be insanely simple for clients who may not fully comprehend the more complex functionality of competitors.

Live examples can be found in the October site gallery with lots of clever design inspiration.

There’s also a free intro video covering October’s dashboard and setup process. If you’re itching for a new PHP-based CMS then check it out and see if it could work for any future projects.

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