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5 Best Ways Improve User Interface for Better Conversions

Best Ways Improve User Interface for Better Conversions

Many web designers often talk about a high converting user interface as part of their services. The truth is that a good user interface can actually do more for your website then present a stylish look. A professional user interface actually works to funnel sales directly back to your website and increase your conversion rates. Here are some of the top factors that go into a user interface that results in optimal conversion rates:

1. Calls to action:

If you can present a call to action directly in your user interface such as a large clickable or mobile friendly, Order now button, you would be surprised to the types of conversions that you can make. If the user knows directly where to go on your website to buy a product or find the sales page it can make the process easier.

2. Reducing errors:

Errors and issues with your user interface can take away from your conversion rate massively. A professionally designed website with an optimized user interface that’s capable of running in many browsers, you can succeed.

3. Building a clear focus:

Focusing on a user interface design on what the user may want to do or for a particular objective is an admirable way to increase your conversions. Think of your user interface as a step-by-step process, design the tabs or navigation process in the way that you would like the user to access your webpage. This could be learning the features of your product, learning about your company and then going to a sales page. Selling the product and then funneling the user to a sales page from your user interface is essential.

4. Use quality icons:

Icons can be a fantastic way to present users with a reference. Including a specialty icon beside the text can be a great way for the user to quickly navigate your website at a glance. Easy-to-understand icons will make the navigation and conversion process faster.

5. Simplify:

Instead of having an overly complicated user interface you can work at simplifying your design so that people can instantly find their way to your sales page.

Keep these top elements in mind for improving the design of your user interface to achieve better conversions.

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